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*This product is not endorsed by Charlie Sheen or President Barack Obama:


Charlie Sheen made the name Douche (Water) Agua famous in his open Letter on TMZ to Farrah Abraham Click Photo below:

Calling All Fraternities & Sororities!!!
Every College & University in America

Unite As One!!!

Now You Can Order Douche Water, Drink Douche Water, Even Brush Your Teeth or Take a Bath in Douche Water!!! It's available to you for only $3.95 per bottle or only $24.95 to buy an entire case of 24 bottles (16.9 oz).
(plus shipping & handling $3.00 bottle or $9.95 case).

"Let's Make Douche Water, A National Drink"

Order enquiry by email or phone:


(530) 392-8371

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